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Nov 9, 2012 4:00pm EST
widely respected public figure. >> unacceptable. that's how david petraeus described his behavior to the letter sent out at the workforce at the cia. he met with president obama yesterday to see if he would accept his eresignation a director. he showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in that affair. him and his wife were together 37 years and he said that type of behavior is unacceptable as a husband and a leader of the cia. he's held the position of director since congress confirmed him last september, prior to that he led u.s. forces in both iraq and afghanistan. petraeus said the president accepted his resignation this afternoon. the president issued a statement a short time ago that read "i am completely confident that the cia will continue to thrive and carry out its position. going forward my thoughts and prayers are with dave and holly petraeus who has done so much to help military families through her own work. i wish them the very best at this difficult time." he was slated to testify next week on the deadly attack of the u.s. embassy and benghazi, libya. no word if that
Nov 12, 2012 4:00pm EST
of david petraeus. what was in the threatening e-mails that led to explosive revelations of an affair? >>> good afternoon, i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly. new developments today involving this scandal around cia director petraeus. >> there is new information about the affair that ended the retired general's career at the cia. and there are growing questions about how and when the president and top congressional leaders were notified about the unfolding scandal. danielle lee has the latest. >> reporter: lawmakers are criticizing the fbi for initially keeping secret, an investigation that led to the downfall of former cia director david petraeus. >> to have someone out there in such a sensitive position, who the fbi thought perhaps could have been compromised or under the scope of an fbi investigation who may or may not have been having an afarp at the time, that had to have been brought to the president, or certainly to the security council. >> reporter: government officials say the investigation started out months ago with the potential case of cyber harassment. jill ke
Nov 13, 2012 4:00pm EST
the downfall of david petraeus. good afternoon. i'm pat lawson muse. >> we begin with news. a 17-year-old boy now charged with his second murder in less than a week. >> keith russell is at our news4 live desk about a case that has stunned folks in waldorf. >> reporter: guys, a 17-year-old young man is in custody for the murder of teresa bass. they were shot while working their dorg in waldorf last month. the person arrested is joshua memb mebane. he will be charged as an adult. it is not clearhat his motive for shooting the waldorf couple was. police are scheduled to hold a news conference at 4:30. we'll have the update on this breaking news from charles county on news4 at 5:00. pat and jim, back to you. >> all right. >>> to our other big breaking news story we're following this afternoon. former d.c. council chairman kwame brown learns his fate for a federal bank fraud charge. >> his sentence includes two years probation, half a year of home detention. hundreds of hours of community service and a day in police custody. brown also got his sentence for a misdemeanor campaign finan
Nov 16, 2012 4:00pm EST
details. >>> former cia director david petraeus told lawmakers today what he knew about the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. and he told lawmakers that the intelligence community chose not to disclose the al qaeda connection to the attack in order to avoid tipping off the terrorists. steve handelsman joins us now live from capitol hill with the special treatment congress gave to the retired general today. >> reporter: this is the big set of hearings, hi, jim, from the hill tonight. republicans are still charging that somebody played politics with what the public was told about benghazi. but petraeus testified that langly didn't do that. former cia director david petraeus kept out of sight until he got home. lawmakers had cleared the way for him to get to the closed-door hearing without walking through halls. a favorite of the general who apologized to lawmakers for his affair. petraeus testified the cia figured immediately it was al qaeda that attacked the sufficient consulate in benghazi, killing the u.s. ambassador and three others. how the cia with an eye on libya missed t
Nov 15, 2012 4:00pm EST
david petraeus, who as cia director went to benghazi to investigate and will testify to congress tomorrow. petraeus may have quit in disgrace when he admitted to adultery, but his believability on national security, both sides up here are more likely than when anybody else testifies to believe the petraeus report of what happened in libya. live from the hill, i'm steve handelsman, news4. >> thanks, steve. >>> the house freshmen office lottery is set for november 30th. that's when newly elected lawmakers learn the cold hard facts of what it means to be the most junior members of congress. at least in terms of office space. this morning, though, there were big smiles as they posed for the freshmen class photo on the steps of the capitol. in coming weeks, the new members will be hiring staff and vying for the committee assignments that will set the agenda for their first terms. they'll take the oath of office in january. >>> well, taking a live look outside right now. another cold day with lots of clouds over us. storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson will tell us how much long
Nov 14, 2012 4:00pm EST
questions involving david petraeus. >>> neighbors who knew the teenager arrested for two high-profile murders in just a week speak out today. >>> a price hike on the dulles toll road. what will you be paying in just a few weeks. >>> and good afternoon. i'm wendy rieger. >> and i'm jim handly. first up at 5:00 tonight, police in anne arundel county are searching for the man who shot the manager of the 24-hour walmart in laurel, maryland, this morning. >> that shooting happened in the parking lot, but the incident started inside the store. jackie bensen is live in laurel with the latest on this. jackie? >> reporter: well, remember, as you said, this store was open at the time. it was a frightening experience for everyone involved. images of the suspect were captured on the store's extensive security system. jesse said he spoke to the man as he walked through the store, located just off route 198 near the vw parkway. he said the man had a hood pulled up and a scarf over his face and asked him where the heaters were located. >> this gentleman came in, glov gloves -- [ inaudible ]. like he
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6